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Recent problems with this site

Some of you may have noticed the site having been locked up on occasion, over the last two weeks. I have been diligently working to clear up the problem, and George thought I should say something publicly. Until the beginning of April the server had remained "up" for two months without problems. But of course two months of uptime is not news, and several bouts of downtime is news. That has to be related to why fiery car crashes are news.

A little reminder is is hosted on a server which I'm renting, and on which I have several other sites. A long-term problem has been that the server occasionally runs out of memory and locks up. I've been trying for a couple years to understand the problem, and have been step-by-step increasing the memory allocation (at larger cost each time). The increasing memory has helped a lot.

So far in this episode I've not requested a memory increase. Instead I've been making a closer study of the server configuration, and clearing up some problems. There were some background processes which could grow without limit, and I put limits on their growth. I removed unneeded code, cleared up some error messages, moved some of my sites to yet another hosting arrangement I have, etc.

At the moment the server has been running for three days now, much better than last week.

- David Herron, a.k.a. reikiman

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Re: Recent problems with this site

I appreciate your hard work and the updates. Like a plane sitting on a runway sometimes its comforting to know just what the heck is going on.
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