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my ebike

Hello all, It's a really great life enhancement to be commuting on my electric bike. I finally have gained a bit better control overcoming the last great hurdle for me with a flat rear tireThe maxis tire is very thin and likes to collect tiny metal shards. I ordered a shwalbe big apple 2.30 x 26 and have retained the 2.5 maxis up front. So far for a couple weeks now, the big apple no flats. It has a kevlar belt. At first I ran 50lbs in it and I detected a rubbing sound and friction. I finally discovered to lower the pressure to 40 and then tire wouldn't rub on the edge of its circumpherence. I changed out the new b-b battery that I put in place with hammer. The bike is still going with 72v sla battery. The basket is great. But when all the batteries are good, it goes a bit to fast. I am still trying to regualte my speed on a bicycle. But this bike is just amazing. I have all but one of my rear hub spokes on the freewheel side laced elbows out, and now my spokes are holding up much better. My front brake stopped working. I have only back brakes, so have to tone it down a bit doing sidewalk motocross, but still awesome. I keep an eye out for law enforcement, and slow down accordingly to hopefullu closer to 20mph. I did make another improvement in my ebike commute by lowering weight and wind drag.
I accidentally made all my body fat disappear. I just did a test and got the result. The new tire has a nice reflective ring around it.

So for ebike, for me, nice suspension. Nice brakes. Comfortable for rider. good gearing (to pedal along at 30mph) (I always pedal). I never got any decent lighting. Once you go to electrify a bike, it is not a bicycle any more. I commuted on the merida for a while when other bike had flat tire. I made it but it was nothing near the same experience, but still good.

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Re: my ebike

Will you fill us in on the details of your ride? Like the make of the fork, type hub motor and controller you are using.

Looking good. Lots of performance on a budget, I like it.

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Re: my ebike

` :?
Thanks, good idea.
Originally it seems he wanted to place the post in the Building E-Bikes Collaborative Hand Books but it lacked any relative information at the time, so we moved it here.

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