Puma Rear Motor setup


Just starting to set-up the Puma motor, this one is a rear and has the added bonus of a rear brake adaptor so I can fit a nice hydraulic brake to the bike when testing, will match the front as well with a new wheel and brake.

Otherwise its identical to the front motor, the cable is coming out on the left however I think that the new ones coming to Mark at TH are going to have the cable coming out of the right, will let you know for sure when they arrive.

Right need to modify this one inside quite a bit and do the mods on the outer, then it should be a straight swap in to my Trek bike and or the KMX which ever I fancy, the Trek will only run 48V but the KMX will do 72, I may run it on the Trek Bike at 72V as well, bit of a lash and strap job but I must do it for the sake of mankind!

Here we go!



before comments


Good to see it's thinner too. If I remember, the old x5's are 100mm wide and the new are 95 -- either way, the X5 is too wide to fit with disc brakes into the standard 135mm MTB dropouts w/o extreme gymnastics. I'm guessing the Puma will fit no problem?

How wide are your dropouts?


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Yes it will fit OK not measured the drop outs exactly just offered it up to the frame and it was fine, I will take some more measurements as soon as I have all the bits in 1 place. Yes it will be nice to fit a disc brake as I go through pads like nobody's business and I am hoping the discs will stop better and wear better and also not mess the rim up.

Keep an eye on the blog here, as its not looking like VV is going to come back on-line again?



Knoxie thanks for the photos - very useful. :)
looks like i can get a disk in 135mm - that is the icing on the cake for me ;)
the puma's are here in the uk now and mark is getting them laced - happy days - no disk adapters tho yet - do you have the rear torque bar that comes with the wheel paul?
i think you should sit tight right here :) who else is going to answer all my questions? ;) lol


Hmm ha ha yes will try, I repaired a rear wheel for Mark last night some of the epoxy holding the hall sensor board was stuck to the rotor and sheared off when the wheel spun (this was an older motor 1st generation) , fixed it fine now just need to get it laced up, finding a wheel builder that will do it is tough though, I will prob build it myself as I don't need to worry about dishing it as I am not going to fit gears to it anyway, be interesting! ha ha, I have a book on how to do it! ha ha.

No rear torque bar, I will make my own, one thing to note if you are planning on running these motors in small wheels, get tyres with strong side walls as the wheel will spin in the tyre if you are not careful, the BMX tyre is shot from where it had been spinning on the rim! this motor is ridiculous he he, will fit stronger tyres to it in future, I never thought this would be a problem but it is in a kind of good way it shows ya just how fierce this set-up can be.

Ill pop in and out from time to time, I am so busy just haven't stopped recently and things are getting busier!! time to relax tonight though hot shower, bottle of wine and a film methinks.



hey Knoxie,

yes does sound like i will have to rethink the tyres - was probably going to get maxxis like you had but won't now - do you think it would be overkill for me to get motorcycle tyres? that said i wonder if lacing would be easier at a mtorcycle shop instead of a LBS? could maybe get stronger spokes/rim too if needed?just a thought.
I would think that for my purpose a 20" off road m/c tyre might be just the ticket - by default should be more sturdy and used to greater torque?
i have a lot more thinking to do on the wheel side of things, i want a disk but i'm unsure whether to go 5 speed or single - how will either affect dishing?i need my wheel as strong as possible as its all off road stuff for me.i think that if i go single speed i could lose my derailer change crank and improve ground clearence (24 " wheel being an option but dont want to give up torque) but i don't know if 5 speed cassette is the only option there?

Anyway i'll think on and come back to you once your well rested - you deserve your wine and film at the very least for all the info you've been putting out for us all - by the way nice to see your work on the hybrid site, well done!!



Here are some internal gear shots of the motor, all gears are replaceable and serviceable in about 5 mins or so, this motor has done 2000 miles and looks like new.




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