Hydrogen Generator and Lead Acid Battery Range Breakthrough

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Hydrogen Generator and Lead Acid Battery Range Breakthrough

Technology creates hydrogen-on-demand from water. 100 days from market. Battery management system that will double or triple battery output. Expert urges caution about "absurd claims." :jawdrop:

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I can't get that link to

I can't get that link to work. I love reading that site sometimes. Descriptions of machines that people desperatley want to come true and then somehow make the jump into thinking if they couch they're idea in enough scientific terminology it will acutally possible!

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My Bad

Peace Out,

Please stop by the V Refuge for the latest news about the V is for Voltage Recovery effort and status.

Peace Out, <img src="http://tinyurl.com/ysafbn">

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Two things

First, the links you've posted just go back to this posting.

Second, is this a repeat of the cockamamie-sounding "researchers" that Ken was promoting on the old site a year or so ago? His promotion of those researchers was one of the major arguments on the old site.

As happened in the early 80's there are apparently a number of people making dubious claims for technologies that have dubious basis, and they're just doing scams. However not all people making wild claims are doing scams.

For example a few months ago I watched a video detailing an "inventor" in the Philippines who has invented a hydrogen engine that can run a car just on water. He was making a lot of wild claims .. but anybody who's studied physics knows that you can extract hydrogen from water using electrolysis, no big deal. But if you extract hydrogen from water, and then you burn or otherwise use the hydrogen as a fuel, you will get less energy from the hydrogen than the energy you spent to extract the hydrogen from the water. Meaning you will have a net loss of energy in the process of extracting hydrogen and then using it as a fuel. So, by the theorems of physics he'd be violating various principles the physicists believe to be rock solid truth. Oh, and to top it off the video showed newspaper clips from the 1980's when he'd previously gotten some attention with the same claims.

The people Ken was promoting were pushing two products, as I recall -- one having to do with hydrogen -- the other having to do with battery management. As I said there was a big knock-down-drag-out argument over this with it looking like it was dubious, and at the same time the researchers weren't publishing enough information that anybody could really evaluate their claims.

As you said -- caution about absurd claims is warranted. Who knows if their claims are really solid or not. They weren't giving enough data where anybody could really evaluate it.

- David Herron, http://www.7gen.com/

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