Thanks, and a couple of goodies

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Thanks, and a couple of goodies

Not too long ago, before the web site crash, I posted an inquiry about the Giant Suede E bicycle. I got some good advice, and as a result made what I think is the right purchase.

For my wife, who has arthritic knees, I purchased a Phoenix 3640 Brute system. With all the emphasis on extra power and speed, I thought some of you might be curious to hear more about this system.

For myself, I purchased a Go-Hub 36V system. It's a very well made, nice performing system. Actually, both systems are very well made. The performance difference between the two systems is almost ridiculous. If you look at the Electric Rider website, and observe the performance curves, you'll see that the 3640 Brute accelerates to its top speed just about twice as fast as the 3620 Roadrunner system (which effectively is the Go-Hub). Those curves tell the truth. The Phoenix Brute runs away and hides from the Go-Hub, and in my opinion is worth the price difference

I'm perfectly satisfied with the Go-Hub for my use, and I'm looking forward to riding it to work when the weather permits. But what really thrills me is knowing my wife has one heck of an electric scooter that she can ride on the bike trails without the biking nazi's giving her grief.

Oh yes, one last thing. My bike is a fat-tired, cruiser type Zap bike. I didn't take the Zap motor off, and my next test is to run the two motors concurrently to assist with acceleration and hills. I'll update you on my hybrid/hybrid when I'm able.

I know that a lot of talk on this forum deals with pushing the envelope (72v systems, etc.) and I think that's awesome. I just thought you might like to hear about the Phoenix 36v systems. As I said, in my opinion, they are definitely (yes, that's how you spell it) worth the price.

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There's nothing wrong with building a daily driver

I, too, lean towards practical vehicles that I could think about using as my daily driver -- rather than highly amped speed machines. While I do enjoy reading the triumphs of those who are building the highly amped speed machines, my goal is about contributing to reducing oil usage and that's best done with a daily driver that keeps my gas car off the road.

- David Herron,

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