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V is for Voltage Recovery Blog created

From: Vrefuge http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/VRefuge/
In a effort to keep as many members informed as possible, a new V is for Voltage Recovery Blog has been created at www.vrefuge.blogspot.com
This will provide a way for members who don't wish to get a Yahoo subscription to view the files. We would also like to keep the V Refuge on topic as much as possible. Any off topic post should be placed on the new www.vrefuge.blogspot.com. Anyone may express themselves there.
No off topic post on V Refuge will be deleted, because we believe your comments are a very important part of the recovery, they will be moved to the new www.vrefuge.blogspot.com. Your email will not be posted, so you will have to return to www.vrefuge.blogspot.com to see if any comments were made.
We would like for the atmosphere at the V Refuge to be relaxed rather than combative. Blogs are a place to express your option and talk about what ever you care to and others are not forced to read it unless they desire, so flame away. Please remember to watch your language, any one any where will have access to it.
While we wait to go back home, I encourage you as a subscriber and use all the facilities of the V Refuge. While not as nice as our other place, as a subscriber you will automatically receive any new updates, you can also select not to receive and emails. As a subscriber it will be easier for us to contact you when the visforvoltage.com site is back up and safe to return to, of course you will be able to ask question, brag about your mod etc. And as a subscriber you can upload pictures, files, etc to share with others. If you are changing the subject do so in the proper location on your post. Topics can be viewed by date or subject. Please also trim your post, by removing everything below the post you are replying to.
I also encourage others to subscribe so you to can use all the facilities. V is for Voltage is a family, and like the Cheers song "a place to go where everybody knows your name" and that place is V Refuge. There is also the ability to have live IM chats with members, and even a conference. It is my understanding that Yahoo and MSN messenger now are connected and screen names from either are suppose to work on either. So come in a have a seat around the fireplace, kick off your shoes and lets chat about EV stuff. I'm sure Ken will figure out a way the conversation can be continued when we all return home to a newly reconstructed, safer visforvoltage.com.
If you have any suggestions on how we can make this unpleasant experience more tolerable please contact: VRefuge-owner [at] yahoogroups.com
A mistake was made on start up and all new subscribers were removed by accident. We were trying to monitor members for your protection, I pulled the
trigger too quick and made a mistake because I didn't know how to do it properly. It's a very long story so I'll just leave it at that. Some have returned some have not, to those that have not returned and you know who you are, I apologize for the mistake, and hope you return. If you have any problem please contact me personally at georgejjonesjr [at] hotmail.com and put "vrefuge problem" in the subject and I will address it ASAP.
The Group is secure as any Yahoo group, but there is a possibility of a occasional spam. As soon as this happens the person will be removed and banned. If you notice any spam also contact me directly at georgejjonesjr [at] hotmail.com with 'suspected spam" in the subject, and I will address it ASAP. There is also a possible spam folder on V Refuge that Yahoo will automatically divert possible spam to.
Since we are trying to keep this open to the public without verification of emails there may be some problems. Then we will have to make verification before others can get a key to our V Refuge. That takes time and we hope it doesn't come to that. Members can also help by monitoring who's here. You can also send a email to a single person rather than the whole group by clicking on there envelope icon. If it's returned for some reason like no such address the I need to know ASAP same procedure georgejjonesjr [at] hotmail.com with "failed to deliver" in the subject.
This is not intended to be a replacement for visforvoltage.com , just a Refuge from the storm. As many of you may of may not know a group of dedicated members worked very hard to recover as much data as possible and because of the uncertainty at the time created a new site www.visforvoltage.org as I understand it that group has no desires to infringe on a name Ken work so hard for so there status right now is probably on hold. Your welcome and encouraged to check it out, Craig is there and got some stuff for sale on the correct board. Since there is no cost involved, just maintenance, V Refuge will be here until there is no more use for it. So continue to stop by, subscribe to see what's up. This Refuge belongs to you and you make the decision how long it remains.
Since Ken drops in occasionally, It's also a way to leave him a message and he may respond as he gets time, but he will see it. Because of the very large backlog in his email, he has chosen not to receive emails from V Refuge so you might not receive a rely right away. I suggest you put "Ken" and a very short comment in the subject area, that way he won't have to open them all if there are too many.
Remember if it's off topic take it to http://www.vrefuge.blogspot.com period, no exceptions. I hope the new http://www.vrefuge.blogspot.com will allow everyone to have there say on any thing that's itching them, that's what Blogs are for. It's also pretty good therapy.

Thank you and hope you have or had a Happy Thanksgiving


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