Affordable drag race batteries, ideas?

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Affordable drag race batteries, ideas?

Hey all, maybe someone has seen something that i have over looked on this. I'm making plans to build an electric drag pocket bike, the mid bikes to be exact. The bike only has to go a 1/4 mile length, but more range would be nice. I have most of the components picked out that i want to use like the 6.7" motor that i'm having re-done, and a 72 volt 1000 amp controller. Which battery would offer the best performance though under these high amp draws?

I've already considered svr, hawkers, flooded nicads from sg photo, sub c surplus nicads, and some others. The main thing i am concerned with though is price as you can tell, a123 and e-moli cells are too costly for this project. So does anybody have any ideas that come to mind reading this that would work well?

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I'd go for Hawkers. I'm not sure how much room you have for batteries, but on a small bike there won't be much. Use the 16ah ones if you have room. Even the 13ah ones are pretty amazing. I think that's what a lot of the drag bikes use.

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I'm thinking either the

I'm thinking either the hawker 16 a/h genesis, or 840 of these sub c nicads They are going for 50 cents a piece at the local surplus store, but im hesitant to purchase them. The amount of construction involved would be quite a job, but if the benefits would be better than 6 16 a/h hawkers i'd manage to find the time. The configuration im thinking would be 14 parallel, 60 cell packs. I'd have to make my own battery bars out of copper and drill the holes as needed for good solder flow, and as to not damage the batteries.

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how do you plan to charge them?

Might consider these:

They'd make assembly a lot easier. I've got the NiMH 3ah and 3.3 ah packs, if you want I can do a load test and put up the results. Charging would be kind of sketchy. You can't charge them all together in a series/parallel setup. You can however disconnect each string from the rest and charge it separately. Or maybe tap off the center eliminating the need for connecting/disconnecting but doubling the number of chargers needed (and I don't know if this is safe).

Not sure if the Hawker Cyclone's perform better then the rectangular AGM celled lead-acid offered by Hawker. I've also got some of them laying around, I can load test if your interested.

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Re: Affordable drag race batteries, ideas?

If you are interested in real good batteries , take a look at the nickel-zinc by Evercel , I have some 24 volt 30 A/H that you could have for $ 350 each guarantee to give you 30A/H and 750 /H .See my last posting
Let me know

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