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s1000 scooter

I have a s1000 schwinn with a blown controler how can i upgrade, cheaply to 48v ? Can i just add a battery to a new controller? or do i need a new controller like a Crystalyte 35 amp or the goped 1500w?

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Hi Kasey. To upgrade to 48v,

Hi Kasey.

To upgrade to 48v, you'll need another 12v10ah battery, either a 12v charger for it, or a 48v charger for all four, and since it sounds like your stock controller is hosed already, a new controller. You'll also need some place to put the xtra battery. I raised my stealth's battery box for that.

TNC scooters
has a good rep, and sells the $35 and $40 48v controllers that will work with the stealth's brushed motor (most crystalyte controllers are for brushless motors). The closest battery option I saw was a 12ah battery which will work if you charge it separately with a 12v chargers.

I got my 12v charger and extra 10ah battery from:


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Re: s1000 scooter

Do you need a new controller in a stealth 1000W to upgrade to 48v or will the stock one handle the voltage?

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Re: s1000 scooter

The stock controller will handle it. I've got an extra if you want to buy it from me. Email me at natenathan [at] hotmail.com. I had 4 12v 12ah batteries running through the stock controller for at least 5 months. I'm running 60v through an unmodified yk42-4 controller right now. I have plans on running 72v with a modified yk42-4 with bigger capacitors, mosfets, diodes, and a larger resister. A 24v controller will handle 36v too. Just try it.

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