OT: thinking of selling motors

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OT: thinking of selling motors

This summer when i move back to the states this summer i had the idea of investing in some unite motors for resale. Mainly because theyre cheap enough for me to afford in wholesale quantitys. The question ism does anybody use them and if so what are the most popular sizes.
I dont have enough money to invest in many different motors, being that i have to buy a hundred of any given size. in fact at first i might only be able to buy one size. So naturally i want to get the one that most people want to get. Hopefully later on ill be able to invest in some crystalyte motors (my dream is to get a stock of perms and agni motors) , looking at how much they sell for im not even going to try and get in contact with them now, i know i cant afford a hundred of em. Im also thinking of investing in some soneil battery chargers. At this point i sent an email to soneil and unite motors, that was two days ago, im still waiting for a response.
At the same time does anybody have any ideas for other motors i might want to invest in that doesnt cost an arm and a leg. I think batteries will come quickly too but thats after i get a client base being that batteries have a certain shelf life.
tell me if im crazy

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Motor import

The 250 watt 24 volt seems pretty popular, downside is they are readily available here in the US.

I'd personally like to see and would buy a couple of the 250 watt 36 volt version if you brought a gross of those.

Crazy ? Not, just a bit ahead of the curve.

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