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Rearranged the forum

Maybe this is the act of a mad administrator gone crazy. But looking at the forums I thought to make the arrangement a little more concise and in a different order.

I removed some forums which were unlikely to be used ... I moved the Administration section to the bottom of the list .. I added descriptive labeling .. To replace the removed forums I added some for "Other X/Y/Z" topics. My general idea is to make the list of topics more concise. The original setup was simply a clone of the way Ken had configured the board but it had some excess topic areas in it.

It looks better, but if you have suggestions I'm sure you will let me hear about it by clicking on the "add comment" button below. ;-)

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Nice one David...big

Nice one David...big improvement...

Do you think it might be possible to have a views counter like in the old voltage forum? It makes the site feel more busy!

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