transistion discussion; reply to gman

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transistion discussion; reply to gman

gman wrote:
Thanks we now own both, but it will be .net, and I guess it can be set up where .org can bounce to .net. I have to get the account information to him, as soon as figure what happen with email he sent. I can still probally call him back and give it too him.

Fine by guys who bought the domains should work it out however you decide is best. It's great this ship has left the dock, so to speak. We can bicker until the cows home about if some other site or method would have been better -- and possibly lose our opportunity to save the V in the process.
Your Admin team will need to do some kind of agreement where both names .net and .org are owned by the group. Latter we came do that with the Domain regristry, I suggest that person be the top level person in administration. That would be a three level org arrangement like a pyramid with the other levels you suggested under it. We need somebody to blame and throw bricks at.

My admin team? Did I get drafted for a position I wasn't aware of? :-) I do have experience and ideas about how to manage a difficult transistion amongst many people with the same interest at heart. I've just been tossing out ideas about that...and I very much agree at all times we need single individuals responsible for different, well-defined duties in order to know whom to bitch at when something goes to crap -- that's reason #1 I prefer everybody who wants to be involved, get involved, while not setting up committees and such which usually end up bickering forever and/or breaking down totally and while providing for no one to take actual responsibility for fixing the problem or answering the question (the ol' finger-pointing, ask-somebody-else routine we've all experienced when dealing with institutions of various sorts).

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