The George J. Jones, Sr. Scholarship Fund

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The George J. Jones, Sr. Scholarship Fund

The George J. Jones, Sr. Scholarship Fund

During his 14 years on the campus of AM&N College, George J. Jones etched for himself a permanent place in the history of the AM& N/UAPB. Mr. Jones participated in debate as a student where his coach was Lawrence A. Davis, Sr. He went on to serve as a faculty member, principal of J.C. Corbin Laboratory High School, and coach of the College Debate Team.

Honoring Mr. Jones, the endowment will award deserving students at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with scholarship support. Students must exhibit the qualities and attributes that reflect the life-long goal and objectives of George J. Jones.

Corbin alumni recall Mr. Jones with awe and respect for his personal tenacity, his full commitment to and interest in providing the best opportunities for his students, and for his high standards. Similarly, his debaters remember him as a tough taskmaster who demanded their best efforts, and who gave no less of himself. It was his involvement with the college "Debate Society" that Mr. Jones left his indelible imprint in AM&N College. Clearly enunciated ideas that were skillfully developed in logical arguments and delivered with polish and sophistication became the hallmarks of his teams. Interest and talent were discovered through intramural debate activities with the annual Freshman/Sophomore debates becoming a highly anticipated event on the college calendar.

The controlling evidence of the import and significance of his leadership in this arena can be found in the fact that with the close of the J.C. Corbin High School in 1953 interest n debate began to wane, and has never again achieved the status experienced during the George J. Jones years. The records will reveal that this esteemed alumnus touched some of A.M. & N. College's most outstanding students.

For fifty years, George J. Jones's burning interest was to develop in students the ability to speak coherently and clearly, to organize and present well-prepared logical discourse, and to master verbal communication at high levels of proficiency. This life-characterizing goal has underscored his work with AM&N college students and later with students at Sumner High School in St. Louis where he was employed.

Additionally, he now continues his work at the junior high school level where he sponsors oratorical contests. Although the target population differs, the goals remain the same; and while the coach moves a little more slowly, the gleam in his eyes remains just as bright. The work remains unfinished, so the taskmaster continues to toil.

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