where i can find this Charger for 24v nimh?

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where i can find this Charger for 24v nimh?

Smart Charger (1.8A) with 3 pin connector for 24V NiMH / NiCd Pack -- UL Approved


ok i know that i can find this charger on battery space.com for 39.95,but for some knowleadge is there other business over there please someone let me know.This is for reasons about durability,price,customer service etc...I know battery space is great and i welcome other good sources for obvious reasons.

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Re: where i can find this Charger for 24v nimh?

I have a very similar charger to that. Same 3 prong plug, same 24v NiMh/NiCd rating, just a different case. I'd be willing to sell it for $25 if you haven't found one. It came with a generic chinese ebike whose controller blew after only a few days.

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