Lithium ION battery pack

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Lithium ION battery pack

In the comment posted by 'bluebushido' he quoted Steve M with this:

While attending a Christmas party at Jim McGreens' house in Alameda this last Saturday, I was treated to seeing and holding a lithium-ion battery pack that Bob Schneevis had designed, built, and brought along to show. This is one of the most important and exciting developments in recent history for EVs. The total cost of components was around $300, and took Bob about 15 minutes to assemble once the parts were made, and the L-ions were gathered.

That was interesting because, well, I'd talked with Bob just a couple months earlier about that battery pack. My then-fiancee had lived 3 houses away from Bob's house in Palo Alto. I talked to Bob in mid-August 2004 .. primarily to get his advice on how to open the hub motor on my EVT scooter (his advice became this posting Cleaning an EVT hub motor) but while we were talking he starting excitedly telling me about the lithium-ION battery pack design he and Otmar (?) was playing with.

They were using 18650 cells assembled in a pack. He described testing them by dead shorting them, no fire or explosion so that impressed him much. It sounded very exciting and I suppose what Steve saw was a later version of the pack. It's now 2 yrs later and you'd'a'thunk they'd have had the pack on sale by now so maybe that project fizzled out.

- David Herron,

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