LipoSack and Li-POLY explosions

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LipoSack and Li-POLY explosions

Lithium Polymer Battery Explosion's (liposack): Does anybody know about this product? This video seems to show a bag, the LipoSack, which will safely contain a Li-POLY explosion.

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Here's some more info about

Here's some more info about the lipo sack:
I also recall reading somewhere these may be required for the storage of lithium batteries on airplanes -- that'd suck for laptop users...I wonder if they'd require it of tiny lithium rechargeables in ipods?


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Not so much ecologic !

Can anyone explain me why these tests were done by a guy in is garden and not in a special closed laboratory with fans to capture all these good gas !

I don't know the aim of this guy (maybe because I've no sound on the video).

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Re: LipoSack and Li-POLY explosions

Seems odd that amateur aeromodelers are the ones doing the testing and demo on such a product.

I'd rather the battery not be prone to such an explosion at all. Smaller sources of ignition have brought airliners down.

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