SmartSpark Expands BattEQ Charge Balancing Product Line with Two More Models

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SmartSpark Expands BattEQ Charge Balancing Product Line with Two More Models

SmartSpark Expands BattEQ Charge Balancing Product Line with Two More Models

14 September 2006 — SmartSpark Energy Systems, Inc. is expanding its BattEQ™ product line with the introduction of two additional models. The new models (LA-250-12V-4 and LA-50-12V-4) are designed for golf cart and scooter applications, but will work with any system that uses four 12V batteries in a string at up to 250 or 50 A-Hr, respectively.
"We believe BattEQ has tremendous potential in several applications and want to develop the product line to address the needs in those markets," said SmartSpark CEO Rick Krein. "The new models bring us into 5 markets and allow us to continue exploring additional needs."
SmartSpark released the first three models of its BattEQ line of charge equalizers earlier this year. They were received with great enthusiasm by several industry experts and many inquiries were made for additional models. The strong interest in the new product resulted from it being designed to increase the life of battery strings by as much as 5 times. That translates into reduced maintenance and hassle and increased savings for both the manufacturer/distributor and end customer.
Technically speaking, BattEQ is a non-dissipative circuit that precisely balances charge in strings of rechargeable batteries while avoiding traditional wasteful overcharge equalization. Charge equalization is an essential element of effective battery management. BattEQ provides a precise, modular, low-cost solution that applies to all major battery chemistries.
The initial models improve battery performance in applications with two 12V batteries or four 6V batteries. Model LA-50-12V-2 is perfect for wheelchairs, electric lawnmowers, and other applications with two 12V batteries. Model LA-250-6V-4 is designed for strings of four 6V batteries found in applications such as golf carts, pallet jacks, and floor scrubbers. Also designed for strings of four 6V batteries, model LA-500-6V-4 is ideal for UPS and solar applications where higher A-hr ratings are needed.
BattEQ can provide end users and suppliers with more convenience and savings, reduced maintenance, and increased longevity. SmartSpark is continuing to develop models for other applications based on demand, and welcomes input.

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BattEQ questions

When I first posted this information on the old site there were several questions. I contacted the manufacture SmartSpark Energy Systems and here are the replies I received.

Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 4:12 PM
Thanks for your note. I appreciate your interest in SmartSpark. If possible, could you please give me a little more information about the application you are considering BattEQ for? The answer to some of your questions depend on the application. Also, is your interest in BattEQ for your organization, or for personal use? We are more than happy to answer detailed technical questions for potential customers, but would appreciate having a little more information.

Brian Precious

Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2006 9:00 AM
Thanks for the information. I appreciate you posting my contact information on the Voltage Forum. It seems as if there are many differing opinions on the BattEQ technology. Unlike PowerCheq, our unit utilizes switched capacitors to perform equalization. Whitepapers on the effectiveness of this technology can be found at: Additionally, our technology has been developed and tested over the last decade by several renounced professors at the University of Illinois power electronics laboratory. More information on our founders and their backgrounds is available at: Also, SmartSpark is currently working with an electric scooter company (EVT America) is currently testing BattEQ for possible integration into their product line.

To answer your specific question:
I believe you are asking if your electric scooter is drawing up to 17A peak from the battery pack, will BattEQ interfere with this. BattEQ is connected in parallel with the batteries, and therefore does not interfere with how the system draws current out. Therefore, BattEQ should work well for your application. Remember, BattEQ is designed to keep cell voltages closer together during charge, discharge and float. This should increase the amount of energy you get from the battery pack.

Thanks again for your interest in SmartSpark. Please feel free to call or email with any additional questions.

Brian Precious
Brian Precious
Business Development Manager
SmartSpark Energy Systems
b.precious [at]
(217) 344-6044 (phone)
(217) 333.4050 (fax)
(773) 307.3299 (cell)

Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 8:59 AM
You are correct that the 4x12vx50 model you inquired about will soon be available at Staab Battery. We have ordered custom enclosures which should arrive by the beginning of November. We anticipate having units to sell before Thanksgiving. If you like, I can give you a call or email when they are available.


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There are many words that could give one confidence to the quality of the engineering. But calling them Renounced Professors isn't one of those words ...

He probably meant Renowned...?

- David Herron,

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