Rad2go Sunbird ??

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Someone where i live wants to sell me a used rad2go sunbird for $100. It looks like it might be a fun toy to play with but with a 250 watt hub motor its very underpowered. Has anyone looked into rewinding or mod it to improve performance?



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Re: Rad2go Sunbird ??

For $100 you really can't go wrong. I'm in the same similar boat, but I have already invested about 7 times that, so I'm very reluctant to start throwing additional money into it. Suggest you look at the EV Controller Collaborative Hand Books and the Electric Scooters Up to 750 Watts.
It seems it's just based on what you want to replace, not much can be done with what comes with it. First you'll probably need to see how many Batteries you can add to it, it's 36 volt correct? You might be able to upgrade to a Unite Hub Motor, it's probably no worse than the Hub Motor you have on it now then upgrade to a higher rated controller based on how much you want to spend.
As they say, Back in the Day the Sunbird was high on my list, but I got a good deal on a 48 V Luyuan, also with a first and second Battery: 48V, 14Ah and 48V 7Ah for the same price of the Sunbird.
The Sunbird Electric Bike features a 250 watt motor powered by 36 volts of electricity. The E-Sunbird is the green alternative for all who want the convenience of a moped. Whether it's campus commutes, rides through the park, or just around town, it doesn't get much better then this in terms of electric bicycles.
The Sunbird may qualify as a moped in your state. Please check with your local DMV for any applicable regulations regarding licensing, registration, and age restrictions. This electric bike conforms to Federal Law governing electric bikes.
* Motor Power: 250W
* Body Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile- Butadiene- Styrene)
* First and Second Battery: 36V, 12Ah and 36V 7Ah
* Gross Weight: 118 Lbs
* Life of Battery: Above 300 Cycles
* Charger: 110V, 60HZ, and UL Approved
* Charging Time: 6 - 8 hours
* Distance per Charge: Up to 30 miles with 2 batteries
* Rated Top Speed: Up to 18 MPH
* Max capacity: 250 Pounds
* Wheel: 18" aluminum

After I purchased my Luyuan, I found a local shop that had plenty of the Sunbirds for sale, but he said he would no longer work on them or any E Scooter, they were too much trouble. Well that's not what I exactly wanted to hear, after spending over $700 for a E Scooter.
For $100 I say go for it, the quality is not the best, so I wouldn't add too much extra weight.
Do you remember the Panterra 750 W Electric Scooter Pep Boys was selling for $250, now I regret I didn't get one.

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Re: Rad2go Sunbird ??

The sunbird is quite fun, but it did feel a little underpowered. Its a good scooter for $100, and Im toying with installing a 48v speed controller to boost performance

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Re: Rad2go Sunbird ??

Hey guys i have a question on the Rad2Go Scooter. I have one, but when i turn it on, the wheel moves on its own without me touching the throttle, what would cause that or is it a bad throttle?


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