Video: 72V ebike acceleration test

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Video: 72V ebike acceleration test

[removed from my server to make space for new video]

Below's a video comparing my bike's acceleration at 72v to 64v. I tried a different compression codec this time. The quality looks great -- the numbers on the instruments can even be clearly seen -- but I'm afraid the video will play choppy on slower machines. So if you could, to help me decide whether or not to use it again, along with any comments could you post your general, super-basic platform info and experience playing this video? Thank you!

And here's the graph again from the end of the video:

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plays well on my Intel dual core 840

Video plays well on my Intel dual core 840

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I enjoyed it, especially

I enjoyed it, especially since you have the speed-o-meter right in view of the camera which is a nice touch. No choppy video on mine while playing.

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