Soon to try latex tubes. Why?

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Soon to try latex tubes. Why?
Reviews vary for the Michelin Airstop latex tubes

In balance, the subjective impression is positive.

Running the blue cruiser bike, lately pedalling more, and also enjoying the feedback of the Drain Brain's data, it becomes evident that whatever serves to decrease mechanical drag, affords a worthy gain for overall efficiency, liable to felt, if not easily measured. Placebo effect may play a role in the former, and the vagaries of changing road/wind conditions may make it impractical to prove quantifiable benefits.

That is to say--even a slight drag of anything which might be avoided, will payback in power gained; in better endurance in both battery and cyclist.

Plus, the latex tube should add a measure of puncture resistance by its natural toughness,
which butyl tubes lack.


this is an italian 700c tube for general illustration

now, my tires are huge-volume by comparison, and run low pressures.
am sure I won't need to repump every day; more like weekly instead

older picture of the blue currie to show the generously fat not-stock tire

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