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Hi, I just came across this company in the most interesting of ways. Today is the fourth anniversary of the launch of the illegal war in Iraq we're fighting to grab all the oil .. in case you forgot. To honor this occasion there were War protest rallies in several cities, and today I went to the one in San Francisco. There were a LOT of people there, the organizers claimed at least 40,000.

While walking around I bumped into this guy with an electric bicycle, said sorry, and started to move along, but I had this inspiration to talk with him about the bike. It was a nice small folder with a pack behind the seat post, a small hub motor in the rear wheel, and highly remniscient of one which Craig Deafscooter had posted about (and sold via ebay) last fall.

The guy said it was "his" design, that he sells this bicycle and he handed me a card. I promised to contact him and give him contact info for this site, so hopefully he'll join our community.

http://www.HighTekBikes.com is the web site.

He has two bicycles for sale ... this folder is:

BATTERY: 8AH Lithium Ion
RANGE: 10 mi (varies with load and conditions)
WEIGHT: 37.5 lbs
EXTERIOR SIZE: 4'6" x 23" x 45"

HTB-180F Electric Foldup
Price $999.00

HTB-180FD Electric Foldup with 6-Speed Shimano Derailer
Price $1049.00

Full Size Electric Bicycle

1) Motor power: 250W brush
2) Speed: 23-28km/hr
3) Battery: 8Ah24V Ni-Mh battery
4) Charge time: 6-8hr
5) Input voltage: 24V
6) Recharge times: >300 times
7) Maximum loading capacity: 80kg
8) Distance in one time charge: 40km
9) Material: aluminum
10) Wheel size: 26"
11) Color: optional
12) 1:1 pedal assistance system
13) Product size: 180 x 68 x 110cm

Outer packing;
Carton dimensions: 160 x 35 x 85cm
N.W.: 21kg
G.W.: 25kg

No price listed and the page says it's out of stock, but other pages claim it is in stock.

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Re: HighTekBikes

He doesn't make em, he imports them from China.
"are custom manufactured to our specifications"

I've seen the models before.

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Re: HighTekBikes

Okay, sure, that's kinda what I thought given the similarity in the bike shape to many other models I've seen such as the ones Craig was talking about last year. At the rally he said something to the effect of these being his design but I don't remember the words clearly enough ...

- David Herron, http://davidherron.com/

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Re: HighTekBikes

Hi David, it was nice bumping in to you at the anti-war march. I had many people asking about the bike. If more people would use electric vehicles, perhaps we can prevent the next war for oil. Part of that day I was hauling around a trailer that weighed about 75lbs and still went 15mph. I drove in from Petaluma, parked a ways away in free parking, unpacked the bike in a few minutes, and was at the event in 5 minutes. Made it from the embarcadero to civic center in about 5 minutes. That's what this bike is all about, zipping around the city having fun while thumbing your nose at big oil.

Greeting to fellow EV'ers. The small electric foldup I was riding is, like the web site says, custom manufactured for us in China. The motor and controller is specified by me. I believe we are the only company in the USA with this frame. It has nice curved lines, unlike the common smaller ebikes which are kind of ugly. With the small hub motor and styled battery case, most people don't even realize it's electric, very stealth. This bike has been under development for two years and I will stack it up against anything in it's class in the world. The street price is around $800. The other full-size bike on the site is a more generic bike available from other sources.

Our bike and other ebikes are available from a few stores in the area. Sonoma Segway in Sonoma and a new store opening up on Bryant in SF called Electric Bike Outlet has it. Sonoma Segway also sells the EVT scooter for a good price. I bought one and they are very nice, good quality, made in Taiwan.

I would be interested in feedback from experienced ebike testers or owners. I will be demonstrating this bike and other prototypes some time in the near future in San Francisco. Let me know if you are interested in checking them out.

Looking forward to contributing to this wonderful site and joining the community.

Terry Reilly
President, Hightekbikes, Inc.

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Re: HighTekBikes

Petaluma? I'm just "down the street" in San Rafael.
I'd love to check out your goods sometime.

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Re: HighTekBikes

Glad to hear about the war rally in frisco being so well attended. In Portland, we had a claimed turnout of 10k but by my count, it was half that.
Curious about the specs published about the high tech bike

I've built a number of e bikes and have to say that the range and speed claims made by most ebike builders are optimistic at best and outright fabrications at the worst.

My bikes typically weigh closer to 80 pounds.
My professional career involves designing electric carts, (golf carts for resorts) and the rule of thumb is the heavier, the better. I'm always amazed when I hear bikers claim light weight as a good thing. For e vehicles, light weight usually means short battery life. I guess what is important to one is not an issue to another.
I saw a good hub motor in Australia recently just like the 180 watt motor described in the earlier post. It would barely go 10 mph (16kph) without pedal assist. I usually use a 600 watt or bigger motor on my bikes.

Still, it is good to see others using these things besides me.
Bingo Sun Noon

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