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Looking for Commute/Touring Bike

I am looking for an electric bicycle that has the potential to be used as a touring bike.

Some features that I would like include:

Bicycles that charge while pedalling to increase distance.

At a minimum, the bicycle should be able to travel approximately 20 miles on a single charge.

It should be able to support panniers. I love the Izip, but the motor assembly is not conducive to panniers. Although this is not critical. Even a single rear rack is adequate.

Ability to add fenders.


Some models that I have liked include the Tresterra Europa, some of the newer izips, and even some of the izip "scooter" like bicycles that charge while pedalling.

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Re: Looking for Commute/Touring Bike

I would rethink your "charge when pedaling" requirement, as it's a waste of energy. Pedaling to charge the battery, so that energy can be converted back to mechanical force, is far less efficient than simply pedaling to move the bike mechanically -- what a regular bicycle does, in other words. The only limitation of this is it won't work at speeds higher than the maximum pedaling speed of the bike, which is really only an issue with the 2kw Crystalyte motor, which can go 36-38 mph unassisted on flat ground.

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Re: Looking for Commute/Touring Bike


You made a comment about the izip "scooter" like bicycles that charge while pedaling. I have looked at the izip bikes and could not find one that charges while pedaling. I was hoping you could post a link to where you found this information. This is something that most of us here know to be a negative in an electric bike but if izip has found a way it can be done, I as well as others here would be interested to learn of this new technology.

As for an electric touring bike, almost any of the electric bikes can get great range for touring if you only use the motor when needed for hills. I have a Merida which I have taken on several long rides. I find if I pedal when it is easy and only use the motor when needed I can get unbelievable range from the bike. I have gone over 30 miles while using about 20% of my battery pack. I also have a friend with an electric bike almost like mine and who rides from his home to his grandmothers on a single charge, 95 miles. Both of these bikes are using 12-volt 12AH lead batteries, with a 400 watt motor.

If I run my bike full throttle (23 MPH) it will run about 1 hour or 23 miles on a charge. The 400-watt motor on this bike runs through the bottom bracket which allows it to use the advantage of the bicycle gears. Here is one of our member's bikes that uses the bottom bracket drive design which I would recommend to you.

Click on the image to read Sturdly's Blog about this bike.

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