Mongoose Electric Bike for sale at Walmart for $279.

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Mongoose Electric Bike for sale at Walmart for $279.

I looks like the Currie electric bike. Makes sense since Currie and Mongoose are made by the same people now. I haven't checked in a while, but isn't this really really cheap?

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Re: Mongoose Electric Bike for sale at Walmart for $279.

Cool deal! Anything similar with in wheel motor?


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Re: Mongoose Electric Bike for sale at Walmart for $279.

I saw one of those at Wal-Mart months ago. I only really paid any attention to it to criticize the motor :p.

I'd question whether that is really a 450W motor for the simple reason that it seems like it's really small for a motor that size. A little smaller than the cheap 200 watters you can find on eBay for $10. It seems quite undersized for it's rated output. Either that or it gets REALLY hot during use.

I didn't think it looked particularly well made, but it is quite cheap, so what are you gonna do?

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