Links to drivetrains for Ebikes

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Links to drivetrains for Ebikes

I have massive outrunner motors and lipoly batteries.
These are much lighter and stronger and more efficient than lead acid batteries or brushed motors.

Video of bike with simple drivetrain:

Web page for the bike:

Came from forum:

We need a good drive train.
Check out this one!!!

This drive train is neat:

mounted left

mounted right

with good power and great handling because of weight-balance

Is anyone really happy with a hub motor on their bike?

Please post drive train ideas or links.
I need to hook this big boy up with some nice lipolys.
the batteries are still expensive but you save about 60 pounds on the bike! so you don't need as much MAH.
Also the motor is more efficient and has a better rpm power band.

12v 4100mah $60
48v 4100mah $240
48v 8.2AH $580
That sounds bad but I get to use a normal bike not a set of monkey bars with gym weights for batteries.
A lead acid bike is impractical or you'd see them around and kids would use them.
A light lipoly attachment to a bmx bike or other would appeal to more of a market.
So those who can, will do it!
Those who say it can't be done - If you argue enough for limitations they are yours.

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Re: Links to drivetrains for Ebikes

Friction drive is a really bad idea. It's inneficient, doesn't work well in "weather", ...

- David Herron,

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Re: Links to drivetrains for Ebikes

Hi Guys

Sorry, long time no see. Been busy on next version of eLation and suppose I have been a bit of a "rock spider", watching but not inputing to forum. New designs and updates are moving smoothly and feedback from buyers has be awesome.

Wrapped in "free design" concept but have to buy in here and say 'come on'. Had few people now let me know of this mob and have also contacted them myself stating the "obvious". Conviently they "released" their product 1 month after we appeared on television. They also appear to have prbolems understanding English (yeah right). Bottom line is, makes you wonder? Since I have contacted them they have 'done the right thing' and advised Aussies to contact me (no where else), but it is hardly fair they are getting recogntion on a reputable site such as Visforvoltage.

I am all for evoltuion but is copying really valid. I spent a LOT of dollars creating the finer points of the eLation. I have patented and registered the design. Can I DEFEND it? NO of course not I do not have the money to waste. I am small time and unless guys like you help defend designs (yours and mine) we will all be chewed up. I want to survive as a business, but I also want to support this vital industry. If you let the clones get credibility and will never get there.

I will leave it to you good people to decide if I have a case. Either way i will continue to design and operate in the background for the betterment of the industry (and truthfullly my business too). New mount, crank system and motor sizes coming soon.

Best to all
alland [at]

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Re: Links to drivetrains for Ebikes

Hi Outrunner,

Have you considered a hydrostatic drive, such as they have in the Honda lawnmowers, you have a lot of control of output while keeping the motor at it's peak performance. I'm not sure of how they would handle the RPM's but a belt reduction with gates timing belts/ sprockets could quite easily resolve any issues there.
I like the Nu-Vinci but until they come down in price, they're out of reach for most who would be likely to purchase a kit, IMO.

The hydrostatic drive may not be the most efficent as far as battery use, but would tend to keep the motor in it's most efficient power band if the reduction is calculated properly.

I even considered a hydrolic pump and hydrolic motor on my build, perhaps there are some made that would be suited to the outrunner's RPM and power but I abandoned that route with my Scott motor due to cost and finding the appropriate pump and motor (which are usually interchangable incidentally).

I also did a lot of searching for a gear reduction system and found the most useful information on robotic sites.
Most of these just didn't seem to suit either for my requirements and I found them to be quite expensive, but might be just the ticket for use with such a motor as you have. I'd browse some of those sites to see if they offer some ideas for you. The do use lipo's a lot and may even use the outrunners to provide speed, agility and power.

After going though all that, I came to the conclusion that I was best off with an Eric Peltzer approach. That would be Belt/ Chain reduction. It offered the best way to fairly easily control the ratio and get the most out of my motor.

Keep us posted on any conclusions that you come to, I'd be interested in seeing what works best with the outrunner's powerband requirements.


Just more food for thought ...

Oh, just out of curiousity, what are the specs on that motor (in hand)? Watts/Voltage/RPM/Cost in particular.
It looks like it would be fun to put to use! :)


Electric - Bridgestone MB-1 Mountain Bike

Dave B

<a href=" - Bridgestone MB-1 Mountain Bike</a>

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