Rhoades Car -The PD-750 is a 24 volt 750 watt Powerdrive motor assist?

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Rhoades Car -The PD-750 is a 24 volt 750 watt Powerdrive motor assist?


Rhoades Car
Human Powered Vehicles
The Quad Recumbent Pedal Car
One seat, two seat, and four seat recumbent bikes, Multi-speed, Stable, Quad cycle traction, More comfortable than a Trike or tandem bicycle, Factory assembled, Street legal, Easy to pedal, Auto like transportation. Recreation, exercise, fun and business opportunities all in one product!

Rhoades Car, or RhoadesCar

Interesting information about 4 Wheel Bikes

Some of the early 4 wheel bikes at the turn of the century were called Velocars. Today they are commonly referred to as quadracycles, quad cycles, quad recumbents, recumbent quads or Four Wheel Bikes.

Four wheel bikes are found in many configurations. There are one seat models, two seat models, as well as four seat models.

4 Wheel Bikes are increasingly used for serious transportation as well as recreation.
The single seat models are far more stable than than a regular recumbent.
The 2 seat models are more stable and comfortable than tandem bicycles.
The 4 seat models offer far more capacity than other bikes.
They are often used in place of rickshaws, pedicabs, or other types of pedal taxis.

Rhoades Car is the premier manufacturer of 4 wheeled bikes.
A division of Rhoades National Corporation, Rhoades Car manufacturers a complete line of recumbent quad bicycles.

4 Wheel bikes for work and recreation. Taxi, pedicab, and pedalcab models for income opportunities, they are all here.


Rhoades Car

Q. What are the details on the electric assist?
A. The PD-750 is a 24 volt 750 watt Powerdrive motor assist. It's a heavyduty (30 lbs.without batteries) system designed to give continous pedal assistance up to 18 mph. Range with locally available 35 & 75 ah batteries is up to 30 & 60 miles respectively. The PD-750 is recommended for use on all 4 seat models and on other models where loads and/or terrain is severe.

Power Drive 750
The motor comes with an onboard charger, electronic hand operated throttle, overload protection, and lockable battery box with master controls. The motor is chain driven via a freewheel to the rear axle. The motor freewheels with no added resistance when not being used.
All speeds & ranges given are estimated and ultimately depend on the size of the battery, weight of vehicle/occupants, terrain, and amount of pedal power supplied.

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