Electric shuffle for Detroit automakers

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Electric shuffle for Detroit automakers

Electric shuffle for Detroit automakers is some recent coverage from C|NET about electric cars.

Detroit gets a buzz from electric cars: Though not quite ready to commit completely to electric, most automakers are getting serious about alternative-fuel technology.

Photos: Concepts take charge in Detroit

Ford, Microsoft get in Sync on in-car tech: The companies announce plans for a new in-car entertainment system that will start showing up on new cars later this year.

GM goes electric with new concept car: GM revives idea of a mass-market electric car, unveiling a new concept car called the Volt designed to use little or no gasoline.

Chevy Volts forward: The Volt concept car seems especially designed to counteract the bashing GM got in the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?

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Detroit gets a buzz from electric cars:

Those are some nice looking rides, any idea about the cost?
They're going electric in the Motor City.Well, maybe not just yet.

But GM may not be dead yet--if electric shock treatments have anything to do with it.
At the Detroit show, GM revived its once-failed idea of a mass-market electric car, unveiling a new "concept" car called the Volt designed to use little or no gasoline.
GM had killed an earlier model, the EV1, in 2003, drawing the ire of "greens" and brickbats in a 2006 film, "Who Killed the Electric Car?"


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Electric shuffle in Detroit

I have been reading a great deal of information about the recent move by the US auto makers going electric. I wonder if the killing of the EV-1 was a big ploy to get cheap advertising and wake up the public about electric vehicles. It seems more people know they are out there now and the EV-1 was an unqualified success. I think this could be a the real conspiracy. Free publicity.

Anyway that one more view point.

Chas S.

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What type of conspiracy?

In my opionion, the conspiracy was to kill the electric car behind close doors so the masses will not catch on to the idea of afforable electric transportation or at least delay it for several decades. As soon as Bush and his oil tycoon buddies got control of the government, the requirement of electric cars by governmental agencies magically disappeared. The oil companies and automobile manufacturers in the US stand to loose a great deal if electric transporation was mass produced an made afforable given their current and past strategic business goals that push for larger and larger ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles that consumes more and more oil. Even foreign automobile manufacturers saw how electric vehicles could reduce their bottom line and began scrapping their electric vehicles as well. Does Huell Howsers skit on public television that showed the scrapping of what appears to be almost new honda electric cars ring a bell? All these large corporations want a slow transition to new technolgies that can disrupt their current business plans. Their decision to delay the mass production of electric cars has nothing to do with available technology today, it has to do with their need to recoup their investments in past technology and use it as long as they can and make a profit without taking into account what it would do to the environment (which is supposed to be the governments job). If governmental agencies are not beholden to all those special interest groups, this would be a much better world. What kind of world do we want? Well I'm done preaching to the choir.

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