Wanted: partners for Think dealership

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Wanted: partners for Think dealership

Think info

I asked think if I could be a dealer. This is what they said:
hank you for your inquiry concerning distributing Think cars in the US. We will launch the Think City (2+2 seater) in the fourth quarter of this year in Norway, followed by the UK (first quarter) and US (second half) markets in 2008.

Th!nk Distribution Inquiry
* Information requirements

o Marketing, Sales and Distribution
+ Background and experience in the automotive/EV industry from a marketing, sales, and distribution prospective
+ Proposed marketing and sales approach for Th!nk products (Th!nk City & Th!nk Open)
+ Proposed mix of consumer vs. (corporate, municipal, rental) fleet sales
+ Proposed sales and distribution channels (ie. dedicated Th!nk showrooms vs. alternative channels, internet, etc.)
+ Geographic scope of distribution (Urban centres and/or regions)
+ Proposed brand positioning and management (website, PR, etc.)
+ Single Th!nk brand vs. multiple brand distribution and sales models
+ Proposed car purchase financing and insurance platforms
+ Proposed trade-in and used car sales and distribution approach

o After-sales Service
+ Background and experience in the automotive/EV industry from an after-sales service prospective
# Specifically related to electric/electronic engineering and problem diagnostics ability
+ Proposed approach concerning regular service, repair, bodyshop, technician training, parts handling, warranty repairs, warranty claims and IT systems interface with Th!nk

o Customer Satisfaction
+ Proposed customer satisfaction performance measurement systems
+ Proposed customer feedback processes for purposes of giving input to new model design, product performance improvements, market/ brand positioning, etc.

o Public Incentives Programs
+ Proposed approach to lobbying public programs for generating incentives for Th!nk owners related to:
# Reduced purchase taxes and/or purchase price subsidies
# Reduced congestion and emission charges
# Use of “fast lanes” (ie. Bus, tax or carpool lanes)
# Reduced company car taxation
# Reduced registration, fuel and/or road taxes
# Reduced road toll charges
# Financial benefits associated with carbon offset / climate change regulations

o Investment and Relationship
+ Preferred relationship structure with Th!nk for sales, marketing, distribution and after-sales service rights in which specific urban centre(s) or region(s).
+ Capital available to support sales, marketing, distribution and after-sales service plans over a 3-5 yr period.

I doubt it will work, but perhaps a group of us could get together for this business opportunity.
- Daniel

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