Need advise on 24v controller

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Need advise on 24v controller

Can anyone advise on where to get a 24v controller to replace a Aprilia City Electric bike controller, It's got peddle torque control, and PAS (peddle assist) with a switched 3 settings control instead of a throttle.

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RE: Need advise on 24v controller

I don't know where you can get a replacement controller for the Aprilia City but I did a replacement of the controller on the Merida which is a simular bike to the Aprilia City which works very well. I even like the bike better now than when it had the PAS on it. Here is a link to my home page where I tell how to modify the Merida. I would think you could adapt this to the Aprilia City. My instructions upgrade to a 36-volt controller but I know you could use a 24-volt controller from the same company if you want to stay at 24 volts.

Good Luck,
Chas S.

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Kwan Motor Systems

I have a Charger bicycle which is also a pedal assist. It doesn't have a throttle but there is a panel that lets you switch between various levels of assist. However I messed up the controller and have had to replace it. I chose a 4qd UNI-8 controller .. ... The bike now has a throttle, a magura 0-5k resistance throttle. Works fine. The only problem is that the crankset gets spun when the motor runs and I'm working on replacing the crankset with a "Shimano Front Freewheeling System" crankset that's originally from an old Schwinn bicycle. I'm having to hack it up quite a bit to get it to work.

There is also a newer implementation of the same idea known as "Vision Freewheeling Crank" or something like that. It's available through but is out of stock currently (look here). This comes from a company that was making a tandem recumbent bicycle, they're no longer making the bike but are committed to continuing making the crankset.

I'd also bought from Craig recently a 48v controller, which he originally bought here:

The reason I mention them is their controller is very miniscule and very affordable. I haven't hooked it up to anything yet so dunno how good it is, but I figger if Craig had it that's a good sign. And they do carry a 24v 10A controller.

- David Herron,

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