Statement From X-Treme, How They Were Formed & Where They Are Now

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Statement From X-Treme, How They Were Formed & Where They Are Now

Statement From X-Treme, How They Were Formed & Where They Are Now
About X-Treme Electric Scooters Manufactures & Wholesale Distributors

X-Treme Electric Scooters is a sub company of Alpha Products International Inc. API Inc. We are Strategically located in the center of the United States near Des Moines Iowa in a small low over head town called Newton. Our ideal location for shipping purposes allows us to ship to anywhere in the USA generally in 3 business days or less. We operate out of our 30,000 SQ FT warehouse and we employ more than 16 full time people on a daily basis. We also operate an office located in Southern China where we employ our quality control staff of engineers that ensures that all of our products are manufactured to our specifications and that each product is in working order before being shipped to us.

We have 9 shipping and receiving docks to handle the many trucks that come and go from our facility each day. We also allow our dealers to pick up at our warehouse, and for that we offer a discount of up to $20 per scooter. This option works well for dealers buying 50 or more at a time that are located within an 8 hour drive or less of our warehouse. A Resale license number is required by us only if merchandise is picked up at our dock.

Alpha Products International Inc., API Inc. first opened in 1998. We manufactured CATV equipment and created our own brand label of cable television boxes and we maintain FCC license and approval on our equipment. We sold our wholesale CATV equipment company and website in October 2003. We still manufacture and sell remote controls for the boxes that we sold for so many years. We shipped worldwide each day. We did not sell retail.

May 2001 Alpha Products International Inc. after many months of hard work and development created X-Treme Electric Scooters Wholesale and our website click here After many trial and errors we manufactured our first brand of electric scooters. It was a huge success but no one had any idea of what our success would amount to. Now that we are known in the industry to sell scooters that do not break and rarely need service or parts, we find our self taking on new dealers each and every day. The demand for the name X-Treme grows with each day. We do not sell retail.

September 11th 2001 was a sad day for the nation. Alpha Products International Inc. then saw a new opportunity. The demand for American flags seemed very high. We decided to join in on what we thought would be a business that would end after the flag craze died down. We opened up American Flags Wholesale under Alpha Products International Inc. and we started manufacturing our own flags. We quickly found that their was a real need for wholesale flags. We started by offering just one size flag and we manufactured 10,000 of them. We built a website called . Before we knew it we were adding multiple size and shaped flags to our inventory.
Now we manufacture all sizes of flags and our inventory consists of around 1/2 Million pieces in stock at any given time. We found that the reason we grew so quickly was due to our strict quality control policy and our top notch quality flags. We now ship anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 flags per day. We are also found at the top of each search engine on the Internet easily by anyone looking for wholesale flags or wholesale American Flags along with many other keyword searches such as hand held flags, 3x5 foot flags and car window flags.
December 2002 we designed and manufactured 25,000 pieces of what we call the strongest car window flag on the market. Our costs were a little higher than our competition for this new design of car window flag that cannot be torn and we were not sure if the market would pay a few extra cents for this high quality flag. We quickly found out that not only would the market bear the extra costs, the demand for this new flag would go through the roof in a matter of 1 weeks time. 1 Week after we received our first shipment we were sold out and we had over 50,000 on back order paid for by the first customers that bought up the first 25,000. Now we manufacture them 100,000 pieces at a time. This was yet another lesson for Alpha Products International Inc. that quality is everything.

July 2002 we realized that our wholesale flag business was doing so well that we needed to start offering Lapel pins wholesale to the public. We then created Lapel Pins Wholesale and a website called We now manufacture the same lapel pins that you see TV news anchors wearing, the President of the United States wearing and many others as well. We generally manufacture each pin in 100,000 lots and we then resell them in quantities of 100 or more on our wholesale websites.

July 2004 X-Treme Electric Scooters ™ releases 3 models of pocket bikes. One model is our super pocket bike complete with 49cc gas engine, electric start & at 51 inches it is the largest full size pocket bike offered on the market today. Our second model is our XP-489 racing style pocket bike that comes complete with racing slicks and a 49cc pull start engine. Our 3rd pocket bike is our XP-700 Electric pocket bike. This is the first ever electric pocket bike offered anywhere and this pocket bike comes standard with a 700 watt motor and 3 - 12 volt batteries. Watch for updates on our future products page for specs and details of our new stand up BadAZ 500 watt model coming soon.

December 2004 X-Treme Scooters releases model XG-499. The 499 is a chrome stand up low cost gas scooter with 49cc pull starting engine and rear disk brakes. The 499 is a great scooter for customers that want to have fun on a budget.

April 2005 X-Treme Scooters releases 2 new models of high quality electric scooters. The X-500 and X-250 both feature an aluminum deck. The X-500 is a 48 Volt - 4 Battery - 500 Watt Aluminum & High Tensile Steel electric scooter and comes in 2 colors. The X-250 is a smaller version of the X-500 and has 2 batteries and a 250 watt motor and is 24 volts. Both models come with a free optional seat kit that can be installed easily by the user should they desire it.

May 2005 X-Treme Scooters releases the XG-505. This model is a 50cc stand up gas model that is also made of Aluminum and High Tensile Steel just like the X-500. The XG-505 features electric start, tough street tires, front and rear disk brakes and an aluminum deck with the X-Treme logo engraved into it just like the X-500.

June 2005 X-Treme Scooters releases the X-150 X-FISH Dual Speed Aqua Sea Scooter. The latest model to our line up is a water scooter that can be used by both divers & for fun in the pool, lake or for surface swimming. The X-150 can pull a diver and operate in up to 100 feet / 30 meters of water & features a depth warning beep at 95 feet and automatic power cut off at 100 feet. If the battery should reach 20%, the X-150 then alarms the user by a beep letting the user know it's time to head back up before the battery is consumed. The X-150 can operate continuously for up to 2 hours.

May 2006 Welcomes the releases of many new models. The X-560, Electric ATV XA-750, 2 Electric Bicycles, 1 electric toy boat, the XT-300, the XM-500 electric dirt bike, X-600 electric scooter, the ice chest cooler scooter, X-400 electric scooter, X-151 dual speed dual battery electric sea scooter, and soon to come will be the street legal electric powered motorcycle.

April 2007 X-Treme scooters is releasing 6 new models of street legal gas powered mopeds. Dealers will be required to have a state DMV dealers license in order to sell these items. Watch for the details on the site soon.

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