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I noticed today

I've been away for a couple of weeks.
I notice that I'm no longer holding "moderator" status.

Why is that?

There has been no email, no PM.
There are boundless rules above.
I hope gave no offense.

No interest in being a moderator again
so it works out for the best.

While this place goes through birthing pains
I'll post most generally at endless sphere
where it's all pretty easy going.


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I notice that I'm no longer holding "moderator" status.

I think you answered your own question.
I can provide you with copies of the emails sent to you, but if your not reading them until several weeks latter, you won't be current. The team has been moderating since 12/08/2006, and I just don't know how the Captains would be able to assign you a area to cover, if we don't hear anything from you for several weeks. We communicate with the team daily, so they are all on the same page.
I really don't see how they could effectively manage it they can not communicate with the team on a regular basis. This also lets them know who's currently active and who it's. If you remember that was one of the problems on the old site, which they are trying to avoid on this site.
If you have any suggestions on how it could be done better you can contact the Board Moderator at board_moderator [at] visforvoltage.org or from the contact drop down listed above.

Peace Out,

Please stop by the V Refuge for the latest news about the V is for Voltage Recovery effort and status.

Peace Out, <img src="http://tinyurl.com/ysafbn">

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