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Convenient Truths contest

Treehugger is running a contest riffing on An Inconvenient Truth (the excellent movie and book by Al Gore). The idea is for people to make videos showing their ideas for improving the environment, and to make the video as an enticement to others to do the same.

I have my entry in mind ... I'm sure some of you might want to enter as well.

Information is here:

I was browsing it tonight and found an entry from Steve Matt who is planning a community web site to foster discussion about what we can do together about the environment etc. His web site is here, .. and has just a video giving his speil.

I find his speil very very very much in line with the vision I have. The idea is for like minded individuals to come together and talk about solutions, share with each other ideas, support, tips, tricks, etc. The solutions for the environmental crisis are already known it's just a matter of those solutions being deployed. By working together and talking together we can build momentum around those solutions. For example the whole movement pushing for plug in hybrids started with some individuals tinkering in their garage with the Prius to improve it. The plug in hybrid did not come from Detroit, it came from individuals.

- David Herron,

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