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I have a 2+ year old eGO which is out of warranty. I brought it to an authorized dealer here in Arizona because the drive belt that comes right out of the motor was slipping. (As opposed to the belt which actually drives the rear wheel). Upon inspection, the dealer discovered that at least one of the fields inside the motor are loose. It turns out that the fields are glued in place at the time of manufacture. The dealer tells me that all the other vehicles they sell and work on (mostly golf carts) have the fields bolted in place and so they believe this "glued" style of manufacture to be rinky-dink.

They are not willing to "re-glue". The only way they are comfortable handing me back a decent working unit is if they replace the motor.

What do you all think of this? Is this truly the best solution? Has anyone heard of this happening before? (eGO apparently told the dealer they never heard of this happening before.) Or should I seek out someone else in the Phoenix area that might be open to researching the appropriate adhesive and then doing this work? Please send all your thoughts!

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Re: eGO Advice Sought

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What's the cost of the replacement Motor?

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Re: eGO Advice Sought

The magnet could be glued back in, but if they won't do it, you'd have to do it yourself.
If the motor overheated at some point, the heat may have weakened the glue. High temperature epoxy is the prefered goop.
I've seen Ego2 motors sell for $100 in the past, but I don't know what availability is now.
It's common for the primary drive sprockets to wear out if they are the plastic ones.
Somebody made a bunch of metal ones a while back, but I don't remember who had them.
It's a lot of labor to remove the motor, so whatever you want to do to it, you should do it when it's apart.

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