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Erato and Mountain Chen Reply

Dear sir:

Thanks for your inquiry from

Now it is good opportunitely for electric scooter because strict EURO 3 emission rule will kick out 90% cheap chinese petrol scooters. And E-max already bankcrupt but expensive still in egg.

It is advance Brushless hub motor with digital controller and come out 92% efficiency and 120Nm torque,it is more powerful and bigger torque with rear/front disc brake....The top speed have reached 73km/H with 10" wheels.See attached quotation !

24 months of bulk production experience in field of ON ROAD electric motorcycles ensure of our reliable quality and good after sale service. Worldwide viewing,only EVT and E-max have such experience of hundreds pcs bulk prodution ! Other chinese factory only have sample experience....take care if you want to buy cheap scooters.

Any technical question,take free to chat with me on my MSN mountain_chen [at] .

To view more photos in different angle,please come to our website

best regards

Mountain chen

BTW, The attachments were 3 images, and a xls price quote with all three type of Batteries.


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