Wisking Electric Motorcycle: Next Step 72V High Power Motor 10000 Watts 62 MPH ?

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Wisking Electric Motorcycle: Next Step 72V High Power Motor 10000 Watts 62 MPH ?

Length: 168cm
Width: 74cm
Height: 109cm
Axle lenght: 121cm
Weight 128 Kg lead acid battery or silione battery
Speed MAX 65 km/hr = 40 mph 48V BATTERY. 1O INCH WHEEL
Range: 86 kilometers (53.44 miles) LEAD ACID BATTERY 40AH
Motor type 48V /60V brushless dc 3000w motor
this motor is the best motor in china

NEXT STEP we will produce 72V HIGH POWER MOTOR UP TO 10000W
AND THE SPEED WILL BE 100KM/H ( 62 mile/hour)
controller PWM 4000w
Horsepower:3000w /755 rpm
MAX 5000w
Charger 85% in 4hr
output: 55v/9amps/500W 55V/5A IN 8 HOURS
TXS type Direct drive gear ratio 1:1
Battery Sealed Lead Acid or silicone battery 15 Kg x 4 Units: 12v/40ah or
LITHIUM BATTERY 48v /30AH/40AH/50AH this is very light weight

Suspension Front:disc Brakes
Rear: Disk /drum Brakes
Tires Pressure Front: 30 PSI
Pressure Rear: 36PSI
Size Front/Rear: 3.00-10.6 p
Brakes Front: disk Brakes
Rear: Disk Brakes

this electric motorcycle is one of the best electric vehicles available today. It features advanced electronics with regenerative braking, battery monitoring and sophisticated anti-theft protection. These are factory new models, and come in red,blue, silver or black.

Made for the European market and USA market, and has a range of 40 to50 miles. 60km-100km Fully equipped with safety features includings lights, mirrors, turn signals and horn. All of our models are fitted with new lead acid or the best lithium batteries for maximum performance. wisking provides full service and support for the world, including: Tires, Tubes, Brakes, Windshields, and Mirrors. We also stock a complete selection of repair parts to assure many years of reliable service.

Sort: Silicone power battery for electric vehicle (SP)
Adopt the national invented patent:The silicone compound electrolyte is no pollution.
Long battery life:Under normal operation and usage,Greensaver batteries are able to last up to more than 350 deep cycles.
Minimal self discharge:First month 4%.declines after the second month,maintains at 90%after a year.
Low internal resistance:High temperatures do not generate easily during charging.
Low temperature usage:It can keep more than 80% of the total capacity under -10℃.
Optimized for high current discharges:Greensaver batteries are able to dischare 30C in 8 seconds.

Batteries types.........Pb-Acid Battery.....MH-Ni Battery.....Li-ion Battery
Unit work power............1.8-2.0V..............1.2V......................3.6V
Weight(set/Kg) ..............12-14.................9-11......................3-4
Usage Life(month)...........~ 200.............> 500...................> 1000
Electricity exiling/month ..~ 10%...........~ 20%...................< 10%
Evaluation By contrast, it's proved that Li-ion battery is of higher energy density, smaller self electricity exiling, longer usage life, lighter weight, less volume and none pollution, the most advanced rechargeable power supply, function/price is best.


Optimal 4 Step Charging
Built-in Mode Indicators
Spark Free Hook Up
Demand Sensing
Reverse Polarity Protection
Over Voltage Protected
Short Circuit Protection
Overload Protection
Over Voltage Protected
Load Regulation
Fan Protection
Thermal Protection
1 Year Warranty
I/O Switch
110Vac/220Vac with selector switch

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Re: Wisking Electric Motorcycle: Next Step 72V High Power Motor


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Re: Wisking Electric Motorcycle: Next Step 72V High Power Motor

` :?
I'm working on that now, but it will be FOB somewhere in China.

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Re: Wisking Electric Motorcycle: Next Step 72V High Power Motor

Peace Out, <img src="http://tinyurl.com/ysafbn">

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Re: Wisking Electric Motorcycle: Next Step 72V High Power Motor

would this motor work in a 200cc motorcycle, how much is the fastest 1 and when can i get it, and do you have a link for a system so i can plug the bike in to charge it

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Re: Wisking Electric Motorcycle: Next Step 72V High Power Motor

I tested their scooter in 2007,800w with top speed is 40km/h...,...terrior quality and they don't have VIN.

The same photo as 1 years before...nothing update.still long way to reach 10kw power


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