Carla Tests The Z-20

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Carla Tests The Z-20

I received the following email from EVTAMERICA.
There are several videos of the new Z-20, the one of Carla show her removing her helmet, placing it in the large trunk and locking it, then getting on the Z-20 and going for a ride. Sort of backwards to me.

An easy way to look at our Z-20 Films.
Carla Tests The Z-20

Dear George,
We know that you have been having difficulties in downloading our films so we have found a way to make it easy for you to see them and enjoy them.


Carla Tests The Z-20
Looking at EVTAMERICA Films

Carla Tests The Z-20

There is a second film taken in Canada regarding performance capabilities of the Z-20 Electric Motorcycle.

Testing the Z-20 by EVTAMERICA

Where to look for EVTAMERICA Films!


3515 SW 99 AVE
MIAMI, Florida 33165

info [at]
To learn more about Electric Vehicle Transportation of America we invite you to visit the EVTAMERICA Website.

EVTAMERICA | 3515 SW 99 AVE | MIAMI | FL | 33165

Seems the vapor ware seems to be finally becoming a reality.

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