Where does the Breakdust go?

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Where does the Breakdust go?

Reading about all you brushed-motor-riders....does anyone know if the Hubmotor ever needs to be cleaned since the hub assembly also includes the brake assembly, pads and all...no??

Funny that I started thinking about this now, approaching 1300 km.... ;-)

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Re: Where does the Brake Dust go?

I'm not sure but I thought the motor and brake assemblies were 2 separate items connected on the same axle. If this is the case then the brake dust should not get in the motor.

Chas S.

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Re: Where does the Brake Dust go?

The rear brake drum is integral with the hub motor case on the e-max - admittedly a dumb design. But the motor is in a sealed case. There are no holes between the drum brake case and the motor case. The axle, of course, has a seal.

There are plenty of other things to worry about on your e-max!

My e-max brakes have plenty of lining and pad material left at 2950 miles of hilly stop-and-go riding.

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