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The VentureOne

The plug-in hybrid carving three-wheeler from Venture talks about a three-wheel tilting vehicle that has an enclosed cabin. It's due to be available in both plug-in hybrid and all-electric models. The battery pack is built from A123Systems cells.

The tilting technology comes from Carver Engineering.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) will range from $18,000 for the E50, to $23,000 for the all-electric EV model – with a wide range of accessories available for each.

The vehicles’ propulsion system is of a series hybrid design. The system consists of a small internal combustion engine connected to a 15 – 20 kW generator, two in-wheel 25 kW electric motors, a four gallon fuel tank, and a 3 kWh Li-Ion battery pack. The system is able to take energy normally lost as heat due to braking and return it to the battery, increasing overall system efficiency.

All three models will exceed 100mpg, with speeds of over 100 mph, and 0-60 in 6 seconds or less – a major breakthrough in the automotive industry. - the manufacturer web site -- is the message where I learned about this thingy.

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Re: The VentureOne

Very cool!

I'm already sold on three wheelers.

I hope they actually put them on the road.

Mark Higley

They are here and they don't even know it.

Mark Higley

They are here and they don't even know it.

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Re: The VentureOne

This is the first three-wheeler that actually looks good and would not be embarrassing to be seen in. Plus I love that the rear two wheels stay planted on the pavement; it would be really dangerous otherwise. Plus the visibility looks excellent, unlike in the similarly narrow Tango.

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