What motor Drives you?

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What motor Drives you?

I was thinking that It would be interesting to see a compilation of motors people are using, their specs, what you like or dislike about them, pictures of your set up if you have it and so on. I would love to start out, but the motor I have I have decided not to use. So if you would like to contribute, this could be a valuble resource for those enthused to build their own E-cycles. So what drives you?

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Re: What motor Drives you?

I'm using a Scott 24VDC 650W (3/4hp) motor with a continuous rating of 30A.

It's a brushed Permenant Magnet type and weighs 10-11 lbs. (I forgot to weigh it before mounting)

It is similar to the Scott 1hp but does not have the built-in fan. There is not a lot of information available on these but they have good bearings and are built for heavy-duty use.

I have not yet realized it's potential due to limits imposed by my previous controller, but should know more in that regard soon.

I believe it has around an 80-85% effiency.

I got this motor because it is has the wattage I was looking for and I found it new on eBay for $50.

I'm sure some of the brushless motors out now probably have a better weight to power ratio but I like the way it's built and it's simplicity.

I get the feeling that it will last and provide the power and range that I am shooting for.


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