Bionx wheel hub

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Bionx wheel hub

When I mounted the Bionx wheel on my bike I noticed that the gears of the freewheel noticeably waffled as the wheel was spun - approx. 1 mm at the largest gear. The dealer and I verified that it was a manufacturing default in the way the threads were cut into the hub - not a freewheel problem. The dealer was reluctant to return the wheel to the manufacturer. He said there was often waffling in freewheel setups. I contacted a friend who knows a lot more about bikes than I do who thought it wouldn't be a problem unless the gears made a lot of noise in operation. I'm accepting the dealer's assessment and completing the installation. But I consider it gross incompetence on the part of a manufacturer who enjoys a very good reputation on the web. It means the machine that cut the threads into the hub was misaligned during the cutting. Not good!

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Re: Bionx wheel hub


I have worked on bikes for several decades and I can tell you that what you describe may still function but it will cause excessive noise along with excessive and uneven ware. If it were me I would not accept the wheel. There is no good reason to accept faulty equipment just because someone is too lazy to do their job and get you a corrected part. I have had trouble getting things like this fixed myself and I have come up with a way to get what I want. I buy one more of the same product and when it arrives I swap the good and bad parts then return the bad parts for a refund. Sometimes you have to pay a restocking fee but that is better than putting up with substandard parts.

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Re: Bionx wheel hub

I've found my hub wheel does the same thing. Only very slightly, but that was not the case when I tested the bike with its original wheel. I thought, "This can't be good" - The wheel seems like it will vibrate out of the dropouts, AND my gears crackle and pop. Any way (for a lack of funds) I can remove the innards of the wheel and tighten up those gears myself? Or has anyone found this to be strictly a manufacturers defect?


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