I have just electrified a "Railrider"

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I have just electrified a "Railrider"

I have just electrified a "Railrider". This is a pedal powered vehicle that rides on railroad tracks. see www.railriders.net.


It carries 2 adults and weighs about 120 pounds. I used the Hi-Koll Motor.


I have not measured the current, but the motor does get hot to the touch, with 2 adults on it, after about 10-15 minutes of continuous power. We get up to 15 MPH. It has never shut down due to the over temp protection that I heard it has. Am I running it to hard? I got the motor on www.electircscooterparts.com for $39.95. I was thinking of using the 600 Watt MAC motor that is on their site instead. It looks just like the Koll motor, except the heat sink fins are longer. Is this really the same motor? They want $219.95 for it. Also it is CW instead of CCW like the Koll. I need CCW. Can you reverse the MAC motor if I ship it to you? Any Help would be appreciated.

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Re: I have just electrified a "Railrider"


Wow, just when you think you've seen every kind of EV along comes an electric railcar. Sounds great fun. If you want to contact Bob Mcree, I suggest you contact him at his website(www.bobmcree.com), I've not seen him in these parts for a while.

In anwser to your question, from the sounds of it your using your motor correctly, if its not heating up there's not a problem. If you want more power I'd give that bmc a miss, its a different motor than the kol but I doubt you'll get more performance. If you want more power you can use an external controller and go to higher voltage. Have a look at http://powerpackmotors.com/ or contact bob mcree either of these two will be able to reverse rotation on either the BMC or the Kol if you need it done.

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