My Electric Helicopters

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My Electric Helicopters

Well hey they are electric right ! :jawdrop:

these are a few of my electric helicopters
the big one runs off a lvx5000 6's lipo which cost me $520 aus from Japan

all the rest i have running on 3's, i have another one which i tried to make 6's but it was dramatically overpowered and now sits on the shelf in the exploded configuration (tail exploded because of to much rpm, battery didnt explode) , maybe one day ill fix it up

This is the one that blew up

Click photo to see larger view:

this is my big one (TREX 600) shes a sweet ride

sometimes if you push the wrong button on your transmitter whilst setting them up, they can and do attack

and my ep8

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Re: My Electric Helicopters

Well hey they are electric right !

... They are indeed zx12r.
... and they are a vehicle if you're small enough.
Although I wouldn't want to ride in one with me flying it ... :O

I've got a Falcon3D that I attempt to fly around once and a while ... it's a great deal of fun!
I find that not flying it tends to keep my repair bill down a lot ... :D


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