EVT Z-20 timeline rescheduled to July-August 2007

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EVT Z-20 timeline rescheduled to July-August 2007

Got this update email from Fernando Pruna at EVT:


The Z-20 is still set to make its debut in the US market in the year 2007. Our timeline has been changed and our projected date of delivery has had to be rescheduled to July-August. Based on our new timeline we will therefore be asking for deposits in June 2007.

The reason for our delay is that we are in the process of testing a new improved engine that will significantly increase the Z-20's performance and reliability. In harmony with our policy to offer the best in technology as it is developed and tested, we preferred to delay delivery in order to install the new engine on the Z-20.

We feel that we have made a right decision that will benefit all future buyers of the Z-20.

Price to those on the waiting list will be honored and not change and the functionality and reliability of the Z-20 will be improved. Top speed will remain at 45 miles per hour.

A more detailed update with specifics will soon appear on our website www.evtamerica.com which we understand has become outdated as a result of this development.

It has always been our goal to manufacture the best electric motorcycle available in the market today at the most affordable price.

Owning a Z-20 motorcycle should convey an unequivocal sense of pride and satisfaction. We are putting all our effort in accomplishing this objective.

EVTAMERICA apologizes for any inconvenience resulting from the announced delay. We do not foresee any future delays and feel that we will be able to comply with the announced agenda. "

***I bet you they are moving to a brushless motor. That's the last major drawback with this new scooter.


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Re: EVT Z-20 timeline rescheduled to July-August 2007

Delay after delay after delay after delay....

- David Herron, http://davidherron.com/

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Re: EVT Z-20 timeline rescheduled to July-August 2007

They keep delaying it, the more potential buyers they keep losing. I too was on the waiting list, actually still am :) , but ended up buying a USED EMAX for a very good price from EBAY last year. Yes the EMAX is no longer really supported by the original company, but there are some really great deals on used and brand new ones on sale on EBAY. Recently there was a person selling some EMAX Sport 2000's for $900 brand new. Last one I saw was a Used Emax Sport 2000 with about 500 miles selling for $600 and no one bid on it. God Bless :)

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