FREE Renewable Energy Show: March 25, 2007

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FREE Renewable Energy Show: March 25, 2007

The Spring Energy Show, March 25, 2007: 1PM - 4PM, New Bloomfield, Missouri
FREE renewable energy fairs and learn about alternative energy sources,
affordable housing projects, gather materials, talk to experts, and much more.

The Mid-America Renewable Energy Center
For directions click here
The NLEC Mid America Renewable Energy Research and Development Center is teaching participants how to generate their own power from renewable sources at the Renewable Energy. and Affordable Housing Fairs and through the Freedom Now Newspaper...(for free!).

The Affordable Housing and Energy Fairs provide the following information :
- cook with solar oven
- tour a dome home, greenhouse, earth home, and cordwood house
- create methane gas and biodiesel
- utilize solar and wind power to create electricity and other forms of energy / info [at]

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