Missouri House version of the Easy Connection Act (HB869)

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Missouri House version of the Easy Connection Act (HB869)

HB 869 Establishes the Easy Connection Act which allows electric customers to sell electricity from renewable energy sources to electric companies.
HB 869 -- Electric Energy
Sponsor: Holsman
This bill establishes the Easy Connection Act which requires all
electric utilities including municipal utilities, electric
cooperatives, and utilities regulated by the Missouri Public
Service Commission to provide net metering services to their
customers. The utilities will pay for a single, bi-directional
meter to allow them to purchase renewable energy from customer
generators. Net metering will be available based on a
first-come, first-served basis until a net metering system with
5% of the peak load capacity of an electric utility is achieved.
A system for creating customer credits based on renewable energy
sales is established, and rules for the operation of the system
are specified. The commission is authorized to enforce the
provisions of the bill, and retail electric suppliers are
required to provide annual net metering reports to the

03/13/2007 - Public hearing completed (H)

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