Gov. Schwarzenegger Launches Go Solar California Web Site,

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Gov. Schwarzenegger Launches Go Solar California Web Site,

Gov. Schwarzenegger Launches Go Solar California Web Site, Touts State’s Leadership on Solar Power

Two months after signing legislation to complete his Million Solar Roofs plan, Gov. Schwarzenegger launched the Go Solar California Web site (, a one stop shop for information on the state's solar programs for California residential and commercial power users.

“Because there is so much interest in the Million Solar Roofs program, we are launching a new Web site this week that has all the information anyone needs to get involved,” said Gov. Schwarzenegger at the Solar Power Conference and Expo in San Jose. “The Web site - - has everything you need to participate in our $2.8 billion incentive program so everyone who wants to can go solar.”

Go Solar California enables consumers to have access to all information related to solar energy, how they can easily apply for state rebates specific to their location and utility, and information on federal tax credits. The Web site will provide information for solar programs for new and existing home owners, schools, public buildings and affordable housing projects.

Providing incentives to consumers and builders of solar homes will help create a self-sustaining solar market where Californians demand energy-efficient, solar homes and the incentives will reduce the nation's dependence on fossil-fuels. Currently, more than 20,000 photovoltaic systems are installed in California generating clean, pollution free electricity.

In order to reach as many Californians as possible, information on the solar program will also be available in seven languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalong and Vietnamese. The Web site is a collaboration between the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Energy Commission.

Since taking office, the Governor has made it a priority to develop a self-sustaining solar industry for California. Gov. Schwarzenegger has worked over the past two years with the legislature and the California Public Utilities Commission to create a world class solar program for the citizens of California. In August, Gov. Schwarzenegger completed these efforts by signing SB 1 by Senator Kevin Murray (D-Los Angeles). The California Public Utilities Commission will lead the implementation of SB1 and has dubbed the legislation, the California Solar Initiative by the CPUC. Through their efforts, this program will be up and running by the January 1 start date. The California Solar Initiative will lead to one million solar roofs by California by 2018.

One million solar roofs will greatly increase the state's rooftop solar energy capacity, providing the output equivalent of five modern electric power plants. This program's 3,000 megawatt goal, taken together with other aggressive solar initiatives such as requiring utilities to acquire 20 percent of the power used within the state from renewable sources, will make California once again a world leader in solar power.

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