BladeZ's and other scooters @ Google

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BladeZ's and other scooters @ Google

I was just at a meeting on the Google campus (FWIW, I live in Mountain View about 1.5 miles from the Googleplex) and was surprised to see something there I hadn't seen on my other visits to their campus. Just off the lobby of the building I went into they had a collection of standup scooters, BladeZ's and Currie's. The person escorting me in said "Oh, that's a Google thing ... they use these to zip around campus".

The Googleplex is a bit large and does span across Charleston Rd.

It's a real interesting touch that these are seemingly company provided and obviously would help prevent people driving across the googleplex. They'd zip across on the scooter instead. This is the same company that's installing a rather large solar panel system.

- David Herron,

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