New I-Zip 1000 NuVinci scooter >>>>

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New I-Zip 1000 NuVinci scooter >>>>

Pretty interesting, looks to use the same motor as the Schwinn S1000 at 1000watts, uses a new 4 speed gearbox, claims to get 20-25 miles of range of course depending on conditions, rider weight, etc. Also has new (3) Panasonic LC-RA 1215PC1 12V / 15AH Valve regulated, exceptional deep discharge recovery rechargeable. I am thinking if it can get 1/2 that range and still climb hills and have a decent top speed with the new 4 speed gearbox, it would be nice machine to mod to 48volts and even brushless !!! Enjoy !!! God Bless :)

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Re: New I-Zip 1000 NuVinci scooter >>>>

Seems weird they would call it a 4 speed - the NuVinci hub has no gears:

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Re: New I-Zip 1000 NuVinci scooter >>>>

This looks nice.... I hope there ends up being a way to get the NuVinci rear wheel/hub on it's own - would make a great addition to my iZip i1000 with 48v and powerpack motor...! I can't remember where I saw it, but $1100 for this scooter! And Super Kids has the non-NuVinci 1000w Fusion (basically a flat black i1000 - looks damn slick) for $529 now.

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Re: New I-Zip 1000 NuVinci scooter >>>>

I thought the same thing, why did they say it was a 4-speed? The first thought that came to me was maybe they were using a 4-speed shifter in place of the varable shifter. This would make it appear to be a 4-speed. I was think if you used an indexed shifter you could slide it from one index point to the other and it would be easier for a friend who would not understand about the variable gear ratios.

I contacted the company and they seem very responsive. I would love to replace my internal hub with one of these but I would loose total gear range. A 7-speed Nexus has a wider range and a 11-34 Mega range Shimano has an even larger gear range. Too bad they didn't give it a range like a Rolhoff, that's the gears I want, still the best internal gear hub you can buy.

My thoughts,
Chas S.

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