Weird noise - Is my Esr750 dying?

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Hoping for some advice. My esr750-ex has recently been making a strange noise from its motor. While riding, it makes a noise on what I assume is on each revolution. It's almost like it's cogging, but other than the noise, I can't feel it struggling. Speed and acceleration seem normal.

There is no noise when it's just rolling, so it's definitely engine related.

Just wondering if there is something I can check to help avoid a dead motor at some stage...


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Re: Weird noise - Is my Esr750 dying?

Since the speed and acceleration seem normal it might not be the motor that is making strange sounds. If the motor is not getting hot, I think I would look at the chain. I do know that on the small scooters the chain must be tight or they make more noise. I would suggest you try to tighten the chain a little and see if the noise stops or changes.

Any one out there have any more ideas for Meanies, I've given up all I know.

Chas S.

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Re: Weird noise - Is my Esr750 dying?

I've heard some reports of commutator failures on ESR750 motors. Sometimes if the comm gets too hot, one of the segments will lift slightly, which will make a ticking noise everytime the motor makes a revolution. This is bad, since it will grind up the brushes and lead to more extensive failure. If you do have a damaged commutator, it's usually not repairable (although I've stuck them back down with high temp adhesive and it worked).

Bearings loose in the housing or failing can make a similar noise.

Before worrying too much about that, you want make sure where the noise is coming from.
You might try disconnecting the chain and see if the noise goes with the motor.

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Re: Weird noise - Is my Esr750 dying?

Thanks Chas and Fetcher. Checked the chain last night and it seems to be tensioned correctly.

I'll disconnect the chain tonight to make sure that's not the source of the noise, however it sounds exactly like Fetcher described. It seems to make a noise every revolution on the motor. When the scooter is just rolling without power, I can't hear the noise.

The scooter is only about 6 months old. Never pushed it hard, never jumped off any curbs. Haven't even run the battery flat.

Would you suggest opening the motor to look for potential problems? Or should I just accept that it will die on me one day soon and start saving for a new motor?

Thanks for all you help!

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