Scooter experts. I need your help >>>>>>>

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Scooter experts. I need your help >>>>>>>

I was looking at a local thrift store and saw a scooter that looked like a RAD2GO but was not sure as it really did NOT have any definite markings on it. All it had was some surfing stickers, etc. on it and what looks like a 24volt charger wrapped around the handlebar. I took pictures of it with my phone camera so the quality is not that great. Can anyone identify it ?? Oh yeah the scooter looks like it is missing a key to start it, they are asking $70 for it, but may offer $50 for it, if anyone thinks it would be a good one to mod, etc. Please let me know. ALso does anyone know if the RAD2GO White Lightning seat will fit it ?? Thanks for any help and info. God Bless.

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It's definitely cut from the same mold

I used to own a rad2go e36, bought in the december 2004(?). The frame is largely the same as what you've pictured.

However.. the e36 I had doesn't have that thing wrapped around the steering column .. doesn't have a front headlight .. doesn't have a key .. doesn't have front disk brakes .. and rather than a flat plate for the deck, had diamond plate.

But given that it's the same as the rad2go frame this looks like the basic structure is solid.

- David Herron,

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