Build your own solar powered EV

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Build your own solar powered EV

SUNN - solar powered electric car kit You can design and build a car that makes you happy when you drive and makes you smile when you look at it. We are offering plans and assemblies so can custom design and build your own car which can be driven on roads with a speed limit of less than 35 MPH (in states that have a low speed vehicle law). The car is recharged from the sun or can be plugged in. It has a top speed of 25 MPH (40 MPH for three wheeled version) and a range of 20 miles. It is street legal: windshield wiper, disc brakes, seat belts, turn signals and lights. It can also be use to get around campgrounds and gated communities.

Manufacturers Certificates of Origin are supplied for all major items so these can be registered as a Specially Constructed Vehicle in your state.

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Re: Build your own solar powered EV

what about the Venturi Eclectic, after I get my ebike done and play around with it, looking to build something similar to the venturi(seems the sunn cars solar panel is tiny compaired to the watts it uses for travel, a pannel on the roof though would pretty much solve this), probably will build a frame something like a rhodes car. Was thinking about running 2 battery systems, 1 set dewalts, then a lead acid set for a sort of reserve, also have the solar pannels charge the lead acids first(need to run numbers on lead acid cost with just slight use, also have plug in charging. my house does not sit north south and its 2 stories, and the back yard is covered by trees from city property, wasnt thinking solar when we bought it;-) so it would be a pain. wanted to have pannels on top able to adjust when parking to get the most possible sun, also read that its better to have the motor not tie in with any pedals, not sure if a geared solution would be best. sorry for the pretty much pointless rant,

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Re: Build your own solar powered EV

these can be registered as a Specially Constructed Vehicle in your state.

Does this mean that these cars could possibly (depending on the state I suppose) be registered as kit cars? That would be fantastic!

I've owned too many gasoline powered cars to count on all my fingers and toes. Time to go electric.

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