Tesla introductory how-to videos on the Tesla Model 3

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Tesla introductory how-to videos on the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla mobile app for cell phones: You can conveniently communicate with the car giving it commands etc using an app in the cell phone.

Using the Cell Phone as a key One form of remotely controlling the car is that your cell phone can be used as a keyfob.

Auto Park: A part of Tesla's Auto Pilot featureset is automated parking. You drive past the desired parking place, the car automatically identifies it as a potential place to park, you press some buttons, and the car parks itself.

Tesla's enhanced Auto Pilot: Tesla is moving forward with "Auto Pilot" which is not full autonomous driving, but the car can take care of quite a bit of the driving experience.

Charging a Tesla Model 3: Recharging a Tesla Model 3 is easy - plug it in, and walk away.

Adapters allowing a Tesla Model 3 to charge at any charging station: Tesla uses a proprietary charging port and therefore charging at any non-Tesla station requires an adapter. Using a J1772 station is easy, with a small/light adapter. Using CHAdeMO requires a large bulky adapter. Tesla does not, at this time, have an adapter for CCS.

Front Trunk on the Model 3: Tesla makes a big deal of having a normally shaped front to the car, but since there's no engine the space is empty, and it is configured as a storage area. A.k.a. the "Frunk" or "Front Trunk". Those of us who've owned old-school VW's know about Front Trunks, so it's nothing new. This Front Trunk can be opened using the cell phone app.

Gear Selection: The Tesla Model 3 doesn't have a manual transmission, it's as automated as possible. All you can do is select Reverse, Drive, and Auto Park, all from the stalk on the steering wheel column.

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